Toni Stevens falling in love again

Falling In Love Again

This photo represents growth in all areas of my life, but most importantly with myself. I have done so much inner work to come to this happy and content place with my man. We experienced a great entrepreneurship together in our photography business when we first got together. Shooting weddings was a total buzz, so much love, ceremony, family, friends, meaning and beauty all rolled into one special day. Such a privilege to be a part of. Kim still runs our biz @panachephotography He loves shooting weddings and being a part of the magic. He is a creator of absolute beauty. 🌷
Then our parents, his Mum and my Dad both got sick and passed away when we were stepping into parenthood, I stepped away from the biz to be a stay at home Mum. My confidence was completely rocked, I didn’t know what I was doing, my body changed and ached and I was tired and drained. What a journey. I found myself experiencing an extreme lack of love in our relationship. I searched and searched for meaning, truth, connection. I felt despair, rage and anxiety. I blamed him for not being emotionally available, for getting me. 😫
Oh the pain and torment I caused myself, day after day, year after year. I knew we both felt love, but confidence and self love is what we both lacked.

Coming home to myself

Coming back to my path as a healer, a coach and creative. I realize it’s all about me. 😲
No one else can make me happy except me.
No one else can turn me on except me.
No one else can pump up my confidence except me.
No one can give me what I desire in life, only me.
No one is coming to save me, only me.
If you want to feel this deep love with yourself again and experience a falling in love again, do the inner work. Start by reflecting on yourself, how can you make yourself feel good right now, today, over the weekend. What do you need?
Treat yourself as your lover. Your best friend. Your child. Love yourself as a child of the universe. 💛
Peace and Love
Toni xx