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Creating Stillness Within

Reiki, NLP Therapy, Hypnosis, Myofascial Release, Massage & Meditation

About Toni Stevens

I am Toni Stevens. A Healer, Stillness & Creative Empowerment Coach. I help women dealing with anger, depression and anxiety to create calm, confidence and acceptance by connecting to themselves and their inner power source.

Qualified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Meditation Leader, NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I started my journey into alternative healing and bodywork 20 years ago studying Reiki and Shiatsu – Japanese acupressure. I then took a dive back into my photographic passion and started Panache Photography with my husband Kim which we are still running today.

After tying the knot and adding two children Coco and Bodhi to the family, I decided it was time to follow my passion as a wellness practitioner. Taking up study again in massage therapy, meditation, NLP and hypnosis. I have also been practising Reiki for 20 years and has acquired insightful intuitive abilities, working on Tuesdays & Thursdays from our beautiful healing room at home in Semaphore Park, Adelaide, South Australia. On Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays work from a new wellness space I opened in 2020 The Connection Centre in the heart of Adelaide, 313 Melbourne St, North Adelaide.

Only when mind and body are in a calm state can we start to truly let go and heal ourselves of past injuries, trauma and emotions. When we allow ourselves to open up and discover what is blocking us,  we can reach our true power source within. Then we can begin our journey forward and discover new ways of being. Working mainly with women, it is my vision to hold space where you can reach states of deep relaxation and calm, creating stillness within. To create harmony and balance in body and soul.

Stillness Coach


Hypnosis & NLP Therapy

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for helping you to create the change you genuinely want in your life. It is the gentle art of guiding you into a completely relaxed state of being called trance, where your unconscious mind is in the driver’s seat. Using the power of suggestion we alter your beliefs about reality by making simple yet persuasive statements. When you are in hypnosis you are accepting of thoughts, concepts and ideas that are OK by you and consistent with your values. Basically, you cannot go into a trance state if you don’t want to, and you will not agree to do anything you wouldn’t normally do in your waking state.

A very powerful and simple tool, that can help make big changes in your life. Toni works with clients for Weight Loss, Quitting smoking, Stress reduction and Relaxation, Sleep, Time management and Confidence.

Personal NLP Therapy Sessions

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming  is a proven set of self development techniques and strategies that allow you to create the life you want and develop behaviours to effect real change. 

Our patterns of behaviour include not only our actions but also the way we think and how we process and organise our thoughts. The focus on NLP as a discipline is in finding and creating better personal patterns and modelling them to improve communication and bring about change in yourself and others around you.

NLP will give you strategies to create abundance, overcome anxiety, lose weight, quit smoking, better relationships and to create a better life for yourself in whatever area you need it. There are strategies for overcoming or achieving just about anything you want!

  • Overcome anxiety & depression
  • Live your life aligned to your values
  • Create a deep, loving connection to yourself
  • Live an authentic life, be free to be yourself
  • Learn to create meaningful and lasting relationships
  • Let go of negative emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, shame, hurt and sadness
  • Identify patterns, programmes & limiting beliefs that are holding you back and leave them behind

What is Reiki or Energy Healing?

​The laying on of hands is an ancient healing method that works to release blocked energy or emotions in your chakras or energy system. Reiki energy healing creates harmony and balance in body and soul.

A healing session takes an hour, it is like having a relaxing massage. It is performed with the patient laying fully clothed on a massage table. Healing is what happens when a healer channels the ‘chi’ or ‘healing energy’ from the universal energy field through her hands into the patient’s energy system.

Some people can feel the energy flowing, a warmness, tingling or nothing at all. You can have dreams, visions or thoughts that come during the session or in the days following. The healer is guided to particular areas, and able to intuitively find problem areas by scanning with her hands just above your body, sensing any dips or fluctuations in your energy system. Most often her hands will be placed on your body (on top of clothes and blankets) but sometimes the hands are held just above, in the auric field and will heal just as effectively as hands on your body.


“I saw Toni over 2 weeks ago, it was the most relaxing, revitalising, third eye opening experience I’ve ever had. I am so keen to do it again soon!” Maria

“Toni is calming and nurturing and very informative. I loved my time with her, will definitely be back and will recommend to my friends.” Connie

“I went in feeling so flat, drained and closed down, and walked out feeling alive and open to the world again. Thank you for the energy and guidance as always x” Judy

reiki healing

Massage to unwind both body and soul

Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions. Many ancient peoples – including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians – were convinced of the therapeutic properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of ailments. Toni’s work focuses mainly on women, to create harmony & balance in body & soul.

When you experience a therapeutic massage, you can expect a treatment that involves: Long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing. Pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful. A treatment that is designed to soothe and relax you. 


“Having been referred to Toni by a friend, I booked in for a Relaxation Massage. The whole session and the massage exceeded all expectations, it was so good. Toni projects calmness, strength and good knowledge in her ability to assess what is needed. Wonderful experience and will definitely be back. Loved what Toni showed me with her Myofacial Release technique.” Rose

“I was 20 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and in desperate need of some relaxation. Toni provided an excellent pregnancy massage. She was very aware of how the body changes during pregnancy. The pregnancy pillow allowed me to lie on my front comfortably for the massage, a position you cannot get into easily normally. I really enjoyed this massage, my body needed it. I will be back. Thanks.” Sarah

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Each Myofascial Release Treatment session is performed directly on skin without oils, creams or machinery. This enables the therapist to accurately detect fascial restrictions and apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to facilitate release of the fascia.

Fascial restrictions affect our flexibility and stability, and are a determining factor in our ability to withstand stress and perform daily activities.

The fascia plays an important role in the support and function of our bodies, since it surrounds and attaches to all structures. In the normal healthy state, the fascia is relaxed and wavy in configuration. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction.

Meditation Classes

Toni believes Meditation should be a vital part of our daily lives. Spending quiet time to reconnect with ourselves on a deep level. Meditation quite simply is focusing your mind on one object, be it the breath or a candle flame. When we quiet our mind by meditating, we are actually building our mind muscle. This mind muscle helps us to be able to take back control of our chaotic thoughts and emotions.

If we practice meditation daily we will be more capable of living in the present moment, creating our lives the way we want it and to be our authentic selves as we begin to center our energy. Monthly classes, free mini meditations on social media and private coaching available.

Transform Your Anxiety Workshops

Last year Toni started running workshops to help people who suffer from Stress and Anxiety. As a long term sufferer of Anxiety herself, she has created a set of tools and techniques that can help you work with your stress & anxiety when it pops up. These workshops can be done as a part of a group session or as a 1:1 session in person.

Toni is available to lead workshops in community centers, schools and workplaces to help people manage and release their anxious thoughts and feelings. Even if you are on medication, it is still imperative to do the inner work to help overcome what’s really going on inside. A proven set of tools and techniques to share that come with her personal experience of Transforming Stress & Anxiety.

anxiety workshops