reiki healing adelaide
reiki healing adelaide

Reiki Energy Healing to

release and replenish your energy

your calm coach

Create Calm, Confidence and Connection in this 2 month, intensive healing journey.

Release and resolve emotional triggers, old beliefs and behaviours.

chakra balancing

7 week self paced online course.

A deep energetic healing experience

calm and clarity

1 hr online workplace wellness workshop. Practical techniques to implement in your day, with Mindset, Meditation and Movement.

chakra balancing adelaide

A Monthly Membership for women who want to live in FLOW and connection with life

hypnosis adelaide

A webinar to explore emotions,

educate and empower yourself

calm your anxiety
calm your farm
calm and confidence

Client Love Notes


“Toni is a beautiful soul who has taught me that it’s ok to be myself. I constantly felt controlled and doubted decisions i would make or would need to gain approval. I now just do my thing, am totally ok with it and am rocking in all aspects of my life that I am in control of. Thank you so much Toni. I have gone from an angered resentful human to one that is peacefully chilled and in harmony with myself.”


“I am blessed to have experienced Toni’s guidance during an 8 week program. I went to places that I didn’t even realise were sources that I built to block my own path. Over the weeks there were dark corners, fears, tears, revolutions, joy, acceptance, love and so much more. All while having the beautiful support of Toni with her gentle kind words and clear explanations. Since my 8th session I stand tall, happy, loving being me. My world has changed. Thank you so much Toni”
Love, Truth, Kindness


“It is with gratitude and thanks to Toni for leading me through the 8 sessions. I had some deep conditioning that needed to be healed and her guidance and caring heart gave me clarity and helped me process and move forward into becoming a more authentic and empowered person. Toni, your calm, insightful wisdom is a true gift. Highly recommended. With heartfelt thanks.”


“My experience with Toni’s Healing Room has been exceptional. I was struggling with my emotions, insecurities and general mental health but after several sessions with Toni, I was able to make more progress in a few weeks than in 2 years of trying to deal with my issues alone. Toni is very good at listening, working through emotions, and has many techniques that she uses to help process and rationalise any negative or limiting thoughts you might have. Toni was flexible with booking times which made booking in to see her very easy. I would recommend Toni to anyone that is struggling with their mental health and is looking for some techniques and guidance to help overcome their negative thoughts.”


“I had 8 sessions with Toni, her approach has been transformative for me. I came into our first session feeling tired, frustrated and struggling with anxiety, and over the sessions we worked through many held beliefs and traumas that were no longer serving me that we were able to identify and release.
Fears around judgement, public speaking, not being good enough, struggles with self-worth. People pleasing, perfectionism, and the need to feel in control.
I found a safe space with Toni – supportive, gentle, and kind. Through our work, I’ve shed burdens, embracing clarity and lightness. Now, I prioritize freedom, self-care, joy, and authenticity. I’m learning to be present, embrace new challenges, and nurture growth.
Toni’s guidance extended beyond sessions, fostering awareness of my thoughts and ensuring I release, and process held tensions. I’m so grateful for this empowering journey with Toni.”