I’m Toni, Your Calm Coach.


I help people to create calm, confidence, and connection to themselves, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I am your calm coach!

My journey into the mind body connection started in high school when I began meditating, I loved the beautful experience of bliss in my mind, body and spirit. Moving on, I studied visual arts at University, I soon discovered a lot of my art work was about the mind body connection. Following my passion, I looked into alternative healing and bodywork, and studied Reiki and Shiatsu (Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine). Connecting with my partner, I took a dive back into my photographic passion, starting Panache Photography with my now husband Kim Stevens.

After tying the knot and adding two children Coco and Bodhi to the family, I decided it was time to follow my passion as a wellness practitioner. My intuition and drive was to discover how our minds works, the powerful mind body connection and how to transform my life and lives of those suffering with poor mental health.

Anxiety and depression

From lived experienced I understand the symptoms of nausea, panic attacks, lack of confidence and ruminating thoughts. Depression came on after losing two close friends in my 20’s, one to suicide and one with a childhood illness. Knowing what it’s like to not feel the warmth of the sun, and see the hope of each new day, just surviving and feeling numb. I have also watched family members live in fear and survival mode their whole lives, turning away from people and turning to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain.

Qualified Life Coach, Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Memory Pattern Release Method, Reiki Master and Meditation Leader. I have helped hundreds of people create calm, confidence and connection to themselves, a beautiful freedom of the spirit.

It is in facing problems, pangs and pain, we look at what is stopping you from living a full life, and discover what your pleasure, passion and purpose is, to help free your inner spirit.

When you allow ourself to open, to face life, to choose a good life, you learn how to free ourself. I love a good scientific explanation of how the mind and body function, mixed with the soulful modalities of energetics and mind mastery. The keys that are needed to free your inner spirit and create the life of your dreams.

Peace and Love, Toni. Your Calm Coach!

Book in for a free chat, to discuss what the problem is, where you would like to be, how I can help and if you are ready to do the inner work to free your inner spirit.