The Pain Body

Let’s talk about the pain body. Our initial reaction to pain of any kind is to resist it. When we first feel it or experience it, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or trauma, we resist it. We try to block it out, to not feel it, to not see it, to not want the experience of it. We resist the pain body, in not dealing with it. Not letting it flow through us, to express it and release it. It stays until we deal with it.
When you have a headache or pain in the body, what is your go to?
Do you go straight for the pills?
Do you ever just sit with your pain body and listen? Could you possibly maybe try it one time?

Ask questions

The next time you experience pain or discomfort, sit with it silently for a while.
Ask it questions? It is simply your body and soul talking to you.
What are you here to tell me?
Is there guidance this pain has to offer you?
What is it I need to learn from you in order to move forward in life?
How can I let this pain go, what do I need?
When pain shows up, something is not happy in your body and soul.
What is your highly intelligent miraculous human body trying to tell you with this pain?
Take the time to tune in to yourself and listen, to find the wisdom and light within 💛

My pain body

I have experienced years worth of living with pain, it showed up as anxiety. Mind fucking myself with physical symptoms of gut pain, chest pain, irritability, exhaustion. Socially isolating myself. Believing I wasn’t good enough.  Who was I to think I could do that. Live like that. Show up like that. Love myself.

It wasn’t until I had to really face the pain body and deal with it. Dive right in and uncover all those things that were holding me back from being the best version of myself. Being brave enough to step out of my comfort zone, forgiving myself, accepting myself, nurturing myself, knowing myself, truly loving myself, , . So I could find the inner peace and calm I so desperately craved.

Learning to tune into the pain body and listen is the first step, the last step and all the steps in between. There are many ways to get there, but I found Meditation, Reiki and Neuro Linguistic Programming to be my life changers. To help me go within to all the dark places within me that I resisted and suppressed, to help me find the light within, so I could see the light outside too.

Peace and Love


Finding the light within