Anxiety! Let’s deal with it….

It seems everyone you talk to these days has either been experiencing anxiety, has someone in the family with anxiety or someone close to them who has suffered with anxiety. The statistics are 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men in Australia will experience anxiety in their lifetime.

What is it?

Anxiety is our clever human bodies communicating with us. Telling us that something is not right with our nervous system. Our nervous systems are millions of years old and when our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in we go into fight, flight or freeze mode and a whole bunch of hormones, chemicals, adrenaline and endorphins are excreted in our body, so we can fight or run.

All the blood and energy from our body, our brain and our digestive organs go directly to the heart, so we can fight or flight. It also means we are left feeling frazzled, foggy, fatigued and frump! (my word for freaking cranky and irritable)

So what to do with it.

A lot of people self medicate to soothe their overwhelmed nervous systems, with alcohol, drugs, comfort food and sleeping. This only exasperates our nervous system and can lead to anxiety disorder. We can experience gut problems, chest pain, headaches or brain fogginess, cranky pants, exhaustion and panic attacks. Plus social anxiety which affects or relationships, home environment, work place and our overall trust in ourselves and our body. Our confidence!

This is where I come in, introducing my new Creative Empowerment Process, a 1:1 healing journey with me designed specifically for anxiety! To create calm, confidence and acceptance by connecting with your inner power and creative energy. Our creative energy is our creative intelligence, our ability to solve our problems, or to be in the flow of life. So when we encounter problems, we can easily solve them.


Exploration. Empowerment. Evolution.

  • Explore your identity through creative processes of NLP and Meditation that express the innermost core of who you are
  • Learn to truly love yourself and others by opening your heart
  • Empower your soul and let go of negative emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, grief and sadness so you can heal your past
  • Recognise and release your limiting beliefs so you can move forward into calm, confidence and acceptance
  • Find balance and harmony, by meditating and creating stillness within
  • Connect to your creativity and learn to express your authentic self
  • Honour yourself in a portrait shoot with me that allows your true spirit to shine
  • Evolve by connecting to your inner power, the power of choice and create your own life

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