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Re set & Re balance with downtime!

Some of us just keep going, even when we are tired, emotionally spent or not really in the mood. When we do this keep going thing, we are draining our adrenals, we are setting off our stress hormones and creating bigger problems. Health issues that can become detrimental and all consuming. So how can you prevent this from happening? Re set & Re balance with downtime!

There is a process in NLP where we look at the Circle of Life, we name each area of our life and score it as to how we think we are going in each area. The lowest scoring areas are where you need to focus on bringing in new energy to bring balance.

In this crazy, hectic modern life we lead, we rarely find downtime for ourselves. Working, socialising, studying, grocery shopping, housework, exercising, spending time with family or children. Even on holidays we feel we have to achieve, or may even feel guilty about relaxing or doing nothing.

Take time

These holidays I want you to think about the idea of Downtime and how it may help create harmony and balance in your life. Taking time to sit and read. Play cards. Lay on the grass. Have a cuppa tea. Take a bath. Simply listening to a guided meditation to relax your nervous system. Some of us live on adrenal energy and we don’t even realise it.

So what is behind the need to achieve? Is it a social conditioning that we must remain busy in order to succeed in life.

Succeed at school. Succeed at work. Succeed in relationships. Succeed in sport and being fit and healthy. Succeed in finances. Succeed in parenting. Succeed in finding happiness. Succeed in finding a purpose. Succeed in mastering this thing called life.

We are taught that simply being has no merit, no value.

To be, to simply live is not as important as succeeding. Can you see the irony of it all now?

So take a load off, let go of the guilt and social conditioning of what you have been taught is important and simply enjoy just living, for at least 30 minutes each day.

We humans are made for pleasure and from pleasure, why suffer only the pain of life?

I hope that you succeed in simply being human today. However just being or simply living looks for you.

Free yourself. Re set & Re balance with downtime.

Peace and Love

Toni xx