To feel your energy, simply place your hand on your heart, just sit with it, feel the vibration of your heart beat, feel the temperature there, the texture under your skin. What else can you feel? Notice the subtle sensations of your heart area, notice your ribs under your fingers. Become aware of your lungs breathing the air in and out, just sit and breathe, just be for a little while in your busy day.

Energy is nothing more then light and sound coming together, moving back and forth as it comes together then shifts away as the positive and negative atoms constantly attract and repel. Energy, a moving wave of light and sound that creates and sustains all life. So when we sit in stillness, we can tune into our own vibration. When we listen to what our body is telling us, we can bring awareness to the parts of us that need healing and loving attention.

The best practice for really tuning into your energy is to sit with your focused awareness on a part of yourself, either with your hand on that part or not. What matters is where your attention is focused. Focus on the top of your head, at your crown chakra. Notice the physical sensations of skin, muscle, bone, blood, hair, air. Notice any tension there. What can you feel, hear, see right now, in this moment. Sit like this for at least 5 minutes to focus, bring awareness and just feel the energy there. When you practice sitting in stillness, you are practicing the art of mindfulness, bringing loving awareness to that part of yourself. Close your eyes and notice any colours, visions or thoughts you may have, acknowledge them and let them go. What do you feel within, focusing on the top of your head, at your crown chakra, sitting in stillness?

When you learn to tune into your own energy, you will also be tuning into the energy around you, notice how things, people, ideas, thoughts, situations make you feel. Notice your energy shift as you encounter a stressful situation, or story you hear or watch. Become aware of your energy shift as you sit in stillness for 5 minutes. Do you feel calmer, lighter, gracious, do you feel your vibration shifting?

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Peace and Love


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