What do you do when the sky is falling?

I feel at times like I am living my full potential….and then my dark side comes into play. I feel like the sky is falling in on me and I don’t know how to push through.
Then I just surrender to the feelings of sadness, rage and humility. I start journaling, write out all my pain on the pages on my journal…then I feel ok. There is duality in everything, when we are passionate there is also the rage to match the passion. We are made of flesh and bone, yet we are also made of energy. I know very Zen right. Journaling is my go to when i’m in despair and feel no one will understand, the pen and paper sort me out.
I came across this poem by Clare DuBois, founder of the treesisters, https://www.treesisters.org/ we all need inspiration so i thought i’d share it with you.
What do you do when it feels like the sky is falling?
When we’re about to turn full throttle towards a future that finally wipes away any illusion of safety, sanity, climate stability or food security…

You rise.

You feel into the heart break and you let it burn.

You feel that burn, and you let its flames throw you up against the walls of your fear, and then you let it blaze through them.

You cry, you roar, you bellow – you let it rip through and unclog your brilliance.

You beg to be unleashed, and you mastermind your own unleashing.

You let your Soul take over – you allow the dismantling of your conditioned collusion with the world views that manage and minimize your magnificence.

You REFUSE to follow the crowd – unless that crowd are screamingly alive and activated on behalf of the life that lives us.

You find every gaze that meets you with –  ‘I know – I’m awake – I’m here – and I’m ready’ and you say YES.

You demand only your deepest authenticity – the kind that electrifies, illuminates, lays waste to pretense, walks permission, cries loudly, renders shame irrelevant – chooses total, naked truth.

You recognize with every cell of your being that we are being called out of apathy and slumber – to remember and rediscover who and what we really are – living breathing elements of this Earth, fully woven into an intelligence that has evolved for billions of years – with access to that intelligence – with limitless potency if ONLY we would turn inside and reconnect…

You say yes to the gauntlet laid down

You prepare to astonish yourself

And then you Rise …

And then you Rise …

And then you Rise …

And then we Rise.