13 Chakra System

Chakra’s are energy centres in the body. Chakras are responsible to keep the body and our inner organs alive. When we hold onto unresolved emotion it will attach itself to the corresponding chakra and the inner organ it relates to. Each chakra has a corresponding colour that changes as the chakra rises in frequency. For most people who wish to bring back the energy of the chakras, it is appropriate to use the colours given.

Chakra chart for reiki energy healing

The Earth Star Chakra

Located 6 inches below the feet, its colour is black. The Earth star is what grounds us into the body and to the Earth. This chakra and the two secondary chakras on the soles of the feet form a triangle pointing downwards. This triangle channels the divine essence through the physical body and into the ground itself, thereby creating our oneness with the earth.

The physical plane is determined by the balance of opposites, ‘as above, so below’. This means that the stellar gateway, the soul star and the causal chakra, in other words the highest chakras, can only fully express their light when the Earth star is awake.

The consciousness of the higher energy longs to find its ultimate fulfilment in harvesting the seeds of life rooted in the elements of matter. The balance created by the triangle of the three higher chakras and the earth star allows the holy presence of the eternal force to renew the earth and to help heal it, and ourselves. Currently fear of the unknown is all that holds us back. We are now asked to learn to live in accordance with the principles of harmony and unconditional love that governs the way of the Divine.

Black represents revival and renewal, and holds the potential of what we can be. Black encourages us to be still…to wait with trust in that stillness for our rebirth. It is the place where all earthly new beginnings await us.

Base Chakra

Located at the very bottom of the spine, its colour is red. The base chakra seeks to meet our basic survival needs of shelter, food and safety. This chakra has relevance to our home and feeling’s of nourishment, loss will be triggered in the base chakra.

Red gives us the energy to get our survival needs met.

Sacral Chakra

Located in the lower abdomen, it’s colour is light pink. This is the colour of tenderness, which represents the spirit of sexualty – not the grosser feelings of desire or lust. However due to your blueprint and experiences of past lives this chakra can have emotions of darkness. It will also incorporate unresolved issues of the base chakra. This colour and chakra vibration soothes and calms, encouraging feelings of love and nurturing. It takes the heat out of sexual encounters and returns the beauty and joy to the sexual expression of love.

Navel Chakra

Located just below the navel, its colour is orange. This is the seat of emotions, sensuality and sociability. The Navel chakra is our past life centre, and as everybody in our lives are a part of our soul group, it is our interactions with others that are the trigger for this chakra.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, this colour indicates sociability and friendliness as well as emotional harmony.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in the diaphragm, its colour is yellow. This is the centre of knowledge and it is where we give and receive energy. It relates to all of our fears and self worth, it is the first chakra to be depleted of energy due to the thought process. As it evolves, it becomes golden with wisdom. When we release old patterns and beliefs it becomes balanced, we become tranquil, serene and deeply peaceful as we access again, the wisdom of our past lives.

Yellow is the mind colour, which enables clarity of thought.

Heart Chakra

Located in the centre of the chest, its colour is green, with pink in the centre. This chakra opens as we develop empathy, sympathy, compassion and unconditional love. The Heart chakra also reflects feelings of jealousy, criticism and judgement, but as we balance the energy here we gain unconditional love for ourselves and this emanates to the outer world.

Green is the colour of nature, which represents balance and harmony.

Throat Chakra

Located at the throat, its colour is turquoise. Archangel Michael rules this chakra. This is where we express our truth. When we don’t express our feelings, the energy in our throat chakra becomes blocked. When we resist our divine path the back of the neck tenses up, when this centre is properly evolved we become powerful co-creators.

Turquoise is the colour of expressing what you truly feel…speaking your truth.

Third Eye Chakra

Located in the middle of the forehead, its colour is Indigo with silver specks. This is the centre of clairvoyance, divine wisdom and higher mental healing. It is looked after by Archangel Raphael.

Indigo, deep blue holds the powers of mental healing and higher psychic development.

Crown Chakra

Located on the very top of the head, its colour is violet with a white and gold centre. This chakra opens up to accept light from the soul. The Crown chakra’s purpose is to affiliate the reconnection to our higher consciousness and also the reconnection to the Christ consciousness. Archangel Jophiel is in charge of the development of this chakra.

Violet’s high spiritual frequency indicates devotion to spirit.

Causal Chakra

Located 4 inches to the right of the temple, its colour is white. It is through the causal chakra that we receive messages, or the downloading of concepts from the higher spiritual realms. This chakra will be reactivated once we overcome programmed beliefs which we have learnt from current society. Peace of mind and mental silence are essential. Ideas gestate in the causal chakra and need time to manifest. The lower chakras distribute information from the causal chakra into the rest of the body. We have to open our right brain and learn to see the whole picture and to seek expanded concepts.

White is the colour of purity, clarity and perfection. It represents illumination, brings the qualities of all-knowing and all-seeing and allows us to open to higher wisdom.

Soul Star Chakra

Located 4 inches above the crown of the head is magenta in colour. This is the link between the stellar gateway and the causal and crown chakras. Its purpose is to take the pure energy and filter it into the soul level of spiritually attuned humans of today. When we are capable of knowing that all things share the same space – the same spiritual essence – unconditional love will return to humanity. Then our balanced yin and yang within ourselves will radiate into the world and close the widening of gaps of separateness between us. It is time to listen to our hearts and souls for we can never know from our intellect. All the knowledge in the world is not equal to love. Together the stellar gateway and soul star enable a merging of spiritual and earthly energies.

Magenta indicates an intense spiritual awareness balanced by a connectedness to the ground. It is the colour of the divine feminine: earthly wisdom combined with spiritual knowledge.

Stellar Gateway Chakra

Located 8 inches above the crown of the head is gold in colour. The stellar gateway allows access to ‘source,’ it can never belong to one thing for it is all things at the same time. The knowing of oneness is built into us, but our minds and hearts must be able to detach from everything associated with personality and ego and our soul needs to be open.

Gold represents completion. We have made our journey and earned our place at the pinnacle. Our spiritual achievements, earned through many lifetimes, are recognised.

Siam Chakra

Siam is the very outer layer of the aura, it vibrates in a clockwise direction around the body and it vibrates all colours. Siam is the veil over our consciousness, a huge chakra that encompasses all. It forms a triangle along with the Causal chakra and the Stellar Gateway. It is only through conscious awareness and the balance of all chakras that Siam is lifted.

Secondary Chakras

The secondary chakras are located on the palm of each hand, the shoulders, elbows, knees and the soles of the feet.


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