reiki energy healing

Who are we and what is our divine purpose? Do you know why you are here?

We all feel the need to be defined by one thing. The thing that we do the most.

I am a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Friend. Yes yes, but who am I?

I am a therapist, an artist, a photographer, a hippy. Yes yes, but who am i?

Why is this a question that always comes up in my mind? I know I am more than this life, I feel it in my soul. This life is a small part of who I am, but is who I am defined by my actions, my feelings, or what I am to others, or what I dress like or look like even? Hopefully I am not defined by my words, we can all talk a lot of rubbish. Although the stories we tell will be memories for our children.

I’ll remember my Grandma for her stories. Her teen years, she loves to tell those ones, her years up at Point Douglas fishing and shelling. The crocodile story, the shark story. What stories will I tell? What stories do I tell?

I am more like my Grandma than I know. I share her love of the ocean, her love to chat, laugh and share stories with others. Her giving spirit. Her love of creating beautiful things like art and jewellery. Collecting glassware. Gardening. The Love for animals. Simple pleasures like a cuppa tea and a bikkie. But again the question arises, who am I? All these things tell me what I enjoy and how I spend my time, a little about my intrinsic nature, but still don’t fill that deep need in my soul of who I am? Who have I been? What is it we are supposed to be doing here on this Planet Earth?

I know I am an eternal spirit here on a journey to learn. I know that I have known some of you before. I know that we are all connected through our energy. I know that we affect each other with and without intention. I know that I create my own life with my thoughts, feelings and actions. I know that life seeks balance, like the yin/yang, like the Tao teaches. I know I am a part of something greater than myself, a great game of life. I know that we all have an important part to play. What is your part?

I know that I belong. I know that we are one big family, connected by our consciousness, our energy, our spirit. I know that when we are ill, it is because our energy needs balancing, I know I can do this. I know I feel things deeply, I am clairsentient. I know I am a healer. Do you know who you are? I still ask these questions. Do you know where your path leads you? Tune into yourself and start asking questions.