red rose in bloom

Safety, how it affects our energy

Safety is a word we have come to think of only in terms of our physical being, which is true, but it actually dramatically effects our energy levels too.

This beautiful rose inspired me to write this, as I always remark to myself how much the revered rose looks amazingly like the vagina and it is in the space of the Root or Base Chakra as it is known that holds the energy of our feeling of safety. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, at the perineum and is red in colour.

A free flowing root chakra allows us to connect with our roots, our family, our home, our physical body, the earth and to feel safe to do so. We should be able to feel safe in our bodies, feel safe to be at home, to live on the earth, to be with our families. Safe to be our authentic selves, our whole selves, our soul selves.

A blocked or unhealthy Root Chakra may cause us to have problems in our hips or pelvic area, with our sexual and elimination organs. If we think about this metaphorically, we are holding on too tightly to something, an idea, a belief, a memory, and this turns into pain, physical or emotional. We may experience dis-ease in these organs or pelvic area including our hips.

Our hips should feel free and easy to move and express ourselves. With  our elimination organs we should feel a sense of ease when using them, no force and not having to hold on tightly. Our sexual organs should be able to feel the sensation of pleasure rise there, desire to be sexual should flow freely and easily. Are you feeling safe enough to open and bloom?

When we allow ourselves to feel safety, we can release and let go of the memories, ideas, beliefs, expectations, judgements and tension we have about our bodies, our families, our house and our earthly home, the energy should flow freely. Imagine being free to think and feel freedom in this way, so that the idea of safety just feels like a natural way of being in the world. And we allow this beautiful, sexual, creation energy to flow, to be free to create and manifest our life how we want it to be.

Imagine feeling so safe, free and alive that your rose naturally opens and blooms whenever it wants to, for us to experience the pleasure of simply being alive in our bodies and using this magical creation energy to be the creator of our lives.

If you would like help to release fears, beliefs and tension book in for some Reiki energy healing or my Free Your Inner Spirit 8 week program to find calm, confidence and connection with yourself.

Freedom awaits.

Peace and Love, Toni xx