girl looking sad

Live free. Resolve & Release emotions

Does anger send you into a spin?
Do you feel the rage build up inside you, like wildfire? Lashing out, trying to burn the next closest thing. No control. Life tossing you this way and that, pushing and pulling, driving you to destruction.
Who are you when you no longer hold that anger and resentment burning inside?
Does anxiety plague you with ongoing pain?
Do you recognise the nervous tension of anxiety, gripping your heart and gut like something has you tied up? There is no peace of mind, no comfort in your body, the pain makes you nauseous, so very tired and irritable. There is no trust in your body.
Who are you when you no longer hold the stress, fear and tension in your heart space and belly?
Does sadness reduce you to a shell of yourself? 
Do you know when your soul is weighed down by depression, are you able to acknowledge it’s presence? Or do you feel sadness like an old friend walking beside you, dragging you down day by day? No relief from the grey clouds that hover above you, never letting the sunshine touch your soul. No joy. No hope. The future is bleak, what is the point of living?
Who are you when you let go of the shackles of grief and sadness? How would you show up in the world now?

Recognise emotion

Being able to recognise the emotions when they arrive is vital in learning how to resolve and release them. Tuning into your body is how you begin the process. Take time out to sit or lay quietly, set the intention to connect in with your body and notice where you are holding tension, where there is pain, discomfort or energtic or emotional blocks.
Do a progressive relaxation technique, checking in with each part of your body. Notice what the energy feels like there, is it hot or cold, fast or slow, heavy or light, what colour is it, dowes it have a shape, is there anything that pops up in your mind as you access this part of yourself?

A loving gaze

Simply by turning your gaze inwards with loving awareness you are starting the process of healing. By allowing the emotion to be seen, heard and felt, it is a sign, a messenger and you have noticed it, so thank it for showing up for you, thank your body for working. Gently and lovingly start a dialogue with this feeling, allow the energy space and time. Breathe into the space, the emotion, the pain, allowing your breath to gently shift, soften, loosen the energy and breath it out, releasing the energy out of your body.

Free Yourself

Freedom from old emotion is like a new lease on life. You feel a lightness and ease of being, a comfort in your own skin. You feel peace of mind, a deep connection with your inner spirit and a loving awareness for yourself that greets you each day like a warm hug. 🌻
You will be your own best friend. Knowing how to connect deeply with yourself, find peace in your days and love in your heart. ❤
Free your inner spirit and live free from anger, anxiety and depression. 🦋
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Peace and Love, Toni 💛