free your inner spirit

Let go of Fear and Safety issues, embrace life

If you felt safe, always. What would you be capable of everyday?
What would be your way of being in the world?
What would the quality of relationship with yourself be? Or with others?
What would be your motivation to get up everyday. To work. To experience life?
What would you do. Who would you be?
If you could let go of fear and embrace life fully.
Holding myself, in moments of sadness, doubt, fear and loathing.
Knowing it’s okay to be who I am and experience the whole gammut of emotions in one day.
I hold myself.
I love myself.
I trust myself.
It’s the roller coaster.
Go back to basics. Breathe. Meditate. Reflect. Ground. Kindred spirits. Good food. Water. Sunshine. Nurture.
Hold myself. I’ve got this. It’s life.
Big feelings can be like waves crashing over you. You can’t stop them from coming, but you can choose to let them wash over you.
Let them wash over you, like the ocean.
When you allow your feelings to flow through you by not resisting, holding, rejecting, gloating or blaming they will wash over you.
You will feel a sense of aliveness as you connect with your Inner Spirit in calm and flow.
You got this!
It is important to know your history too, as it is a part of our story too. Every person has a story, an experience, a life worth sharing, and each new story we listen to becomes a part of our story, as it changes our perspective of life.
When we can look at our story and see our patterns and conditioning we are well on our way to dropping that story.
And beginning our own story, the one we create for ourselves.
Opening yourself to the world. Releasing all that holds you back from feeling free, is like imagining yourself as a flower.
We hold on so tightly like a bud, to ideas, fears, worries, judgments, expectations, beliefs.
If you can learn to consciously let go of all the things that keep you stuck, sick or afraid, you can do anything you want in life.
Learn to live life on your terms, embrace life. Feel free.
Free Your Inner Spirit, let me guide you on your healing journey. That’s my purpose.

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