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Learning to read the ‘Signs’ in life

It seems people have become so rational in our thinking over the last century we have forgotten how to read the ‘Signs’ life offers to us on a daily basis. We are spiritual beings having a human experience after all, we need to learn how to make sense of the signs we notice and most of all learn from our experiences. The reason I chose this topic is because I had a big Sign recently, on NYE I broke my ankle. So simple, my higher self telling me I needed a break! Yes I did, I needed some quiet time to sit and just be, to take me back to myself. We often ignore what is going on within, we plod along and hope for the best without really understanding what is going on in our inner world. It’s time to read the ‘Signs’.

Signs and Symbols

Some people call it fate, synchronicity or God’s plan; learning to read the signs and how to follow them is an integral part of our human experience. Many native cultures throughout the world have been reading signs throughout the ages, animal totems, the stars, all of them signs and symbols there to show us the way to our higher path. We are here to learn from our experience.

How to read the signs in life

Synchronicity is when multiple signs focus our attention on a path.

  1. Visualise what you want
  2. Revisit your vision daily
  3. Get emotional about what you want
  4. Reflect nightly on the clues you found
  5. Surrender to the divine order or God’s plan

Following the signs

A sign may be a song or a quote we encounter over and over again, a person who reminds us of someone we know, a symbol that keeps popping up, an animal that shows itself to us more than once, or our bodies with a niggling complaint. It’s easy to correspond a problem with a part of the body;

A headache means your thinking too much.

A stomachache means your emotions are tied up in knots.

A sore leg means your not moving forward in life.

A sore throat means your not swallowing your reality, and/or that you need to speak up.

If we listen and look closely to what our Higher self/God/Universe is presenting to us in more than one sign with the same meaning, it will lead us on a journey that is more in line with our higher path.


It is easy to fall into the trap of finding meaning and to have forced connections because we want them to happen. To ensure we are reading the signs correctly we must start with an open and clear mind. This is where meditation and mindfulness come into play, we must work on ourselves to be able to use our intuitive abilities correctly. With a clear mind, we will simply know it is right because it flows smoothly. We will not choose paths when we are worried or filled with doubt or desire for life to be different. We must surrender our desires to our Higher self/God/Universe, whatever you like to call it, and trust that life will play out for you as it should. Keep asking questions, look and listen patiently for the answers.

Peace & Friendship,

Toni xx

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