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Turn inwards to rediscover and heal yourself

Well, here we are in the midst of a world health pandemic, being told to stay home and not hug our friends. Being an empath and clairsentient, I have found this very difficult. My automatic reaction in greeting people is to hug and kiss them. I thrive on spending time with friends and family and doing the work I love. Staying home has forced us all to turn inwards, to look at ourselves, get to know ourselves again, to heal.

What do we like about ourselves? Where do we need to work on ourselves in order to feel happy, peaceful and content?

Do you feel frustrated? Need to cultivate some patience perhaps.

Do you feel angry? Need to express your feelings and open your heart.

Do you feel depressed and lonely? Need to work on what you want and cultivate some loving kindness towards yourself.

When we heal our own issues, our relationships naturally improve as well. People always feel our energetic vibration, our vibe.

The fear

Both my hubby Kim and I, are one of the families who could not go out and work during this time. It has been tough. We both run our own business and we’ve had the kids at home for 5 weeks. Not a whole lot has been achieved to be honest. It has made me fall into the fear trap for a while, not wanting to go out in case we get the dreaded virus. To being depressed as I cannot be at work helping people to relax and heal, which is what we all desperately need right now. To finally overcome my anxious thoughts and feelings of what if?!

What if I got it and passed it on to my loved ones, what if they died, if it damaged our bodies. What if we cannot work again for the rest of the year and if we had to keep homeschooling the children. I always daydreamed about homeschooling, now I know, it’s not for me. Kids love other kids, they love to play with them, be around their energy. Sad to say I don’t ‘play’ very well. Other mothers feel the same. We do like cooking together, getting arty, playing games and puzzles but not actual imagination play. I am too set in my adult ways to play, I have taken this on as a bit of a challenge.

Learn to play

Play for me means to be in the moment, to be able to joke around, be physical. Lay on the ground, just feel my body, being in my body and not in my mind so much. As a part of our daily routine I have started laying a blanket on the grass in my backyard full of trees. We have a picnic and then just lay and look up at the sky, the clouds, the trees, we feel the Earth under our bodies. We feel Mother Earth nourishing us with her healing energy, taking away all our worries and fears and renewing them. In Energy Healing we call this Grounding, connecting to Great Mother Gaia.

Live in flow

Spending this time outside is so important, it is so good for us. It keeps us connected to the Great Father Spirit by looking up towards the Heavens. Allowing that healing energy to flow down through our Crown Chakra. When we open our Crown Chakre it naturally keeps our thought energy out of our head, it flows down through our Chakras and into the Great Mother Spirit of the Earth. This creates flow in our Energy Field. Flow is what we need in order to be in balance, we are fluid energy beings. Quantum Physics describes all matter as only energy particles that are in constant motion, nothing is really solid. That’s why whenever we become ill, our energy is stuck and needs to be released both mentally, emotionally and physically.

My Services

We need to understand how our energy system works with our thoughts and feelings, before we can start living in flow. I am here to teach you, if you would like a Reiki (Chakra) Energy Healing session. I offer insights that I pick up from your Energy Field (Aura) to guide you. This guidance helps with your inner work (personal growth) to keep the healing going at home and ultimately learn to live in flow.

I have moved most of my services online for now, so if you need me I am here for Distance Reiki Energy Healing, which is wow! A powerful session with consults before and after the session to discuss what has been going on for you. I offer insights that I pick up from your Energy Field (Aura) to guide you. This guidance helps with your inner work (personal growth) to keep the healing going at home and ultimately learn to live in flow. I have also added The Ultimate Guided Hypno-Meditation session. Hypnosis has been my new baby, so if you need some deep relaxation to heal your nervous system, this option would be perfect.


A simple and powerful tool for helping you to create the change you genuinely want in your life. Working with the unconscious mind is where real change takes place. I work with clients for Weight Loss, Quitting smoking, Stress reduction, Relaxation, Time management and Confidence. Is now the perfect time to make a change in your life? To be happier, healthier and thriving instead of surviving.

Only when mind and body are in a calm state can we start to let go and heal ourselves of past injuries, trauma and emotions. When we allow ourselves to open up and discover what is blocking us within may we begin our journey forward to discover new ways of being. It is my vision to hold a space where you can reach states of deep relaxation and calm, creating harmony and balance in body and soul.

Transforming Stress & Anxiety

If you are feeling stuck in the cycle of feelings, thoughts, fear and anxiety, I can take you through my online training session for Transforming your Anxiety. Last year I started running workshops to help people who suffer from Stress and Anxiety. As a long term sufferer of Anxiety myself, I created a set of tools and techniques that can help you work with your stress and anxiety when it pops up. These workshops can be done as a part of a group session or as a 1:1 session in person or online. I am also available to lead workshops in community centers, schools and workplaces to help people manage and release their anxious thoughts and feelings. Even if  medicated, it is still imperative to do the inner work to help overcome what’s really going on inside. A proven set of tools and techniques that come with my personal experience to guide you in Transforming your Stress & Anxiety.

On a final note, I believe Meditation should be a vital part of our daily lives. Spending quiet time to reconnect with ourselves on a deep unconscious level. When we quiet our mind by meditating, we are actually building our mind muscle. This mind muscle helps us to be able to take back control of our chaotic thoughts and emotions. If we practice meditation daily we will be more capable of living in the present moment, create our lives the way we want it and be more authentic as we center our energy. Join my online meditation classes on Monday nights. Learn to heal, create inner peace and cultivate happiness.

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Peace & Love