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Meditation for Inner Peace

Learn to find inner peace and happiness by learning how to practice meditation.

Toni believes Meditation should be a vital part of our daily lives. Spending quiet time to reconnect with ourselves on a deep level. Meditation quite simply is focusing your mind on one object, be it the breath or a candle flame. When we quiet our mind by meditating, we are actually building our mind muscle. This mind muscle helps us to be able to take back control of our chaotic thoughts and emotions.

If we practice meditation daily we will be more capable of living in the present moment, creating our lives the way we want it and to be our authentic selves as we begin to center our energy. Join Toni’s meditation classes fortnightly Monday nights starting December 7th 2020 from at 6pm. You will learn teachings from Meditation Masters. Practice new techniques on how to quiet your mind. Be guided to relax your body and still your thoughts. To help you find more inner peace and flow in your day.

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Transform your Anxiety

Last year Toni started running workshops to help people who suffer from Stress and Anxiety. As a long term sufferer of Anxiety herself, she has created a set of tools and techniques that can help you work with your stress & anxiety when it pops up. These workshops can be done as a part of a group session or as a 1:1 session in person.

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Toni is available to lead workshops in community centers, schools and workplaces to help people manage and release their anxious thoughts and feelings. Even if you are on medication, it is still imperative to do the inner work to help overcome what’s really going on inside. With her personal experience of Transforming Stress & Anxiety, you will learn her proven set of tools and techniques so you too can transform your anxiety.

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